petband® textile strapping

textile strapping

petband® textile strapping

textile strapping - (cord strap)

petband® textile strapping system is a simple way to secure any goods during handling. It replaces straps, steel strap, plastic pet and pp strapping, rope and iron wire. It is used by those who occasionally need to contain, tie, strap material in a professional way having a limited budget. Indeed, petband® textile strapping features very high tensile strength, high elasticity and a top-of-the-range breaking load among manual strapping systems. General features: textile strapping is made up of polyester fabric threads: thanks to a weight lower than 75%, it is the main alternative to steel strapping and also has a greater capacity to absorb shocks compared to it. Linear breaking load up to 1500 daN / does not rust nor deteriorate / high resistance to shocks ensured/ no risk of injury thanks to its lightness and easyness to handle / available in 76mm or 200mm core versions / handy, fast, safe and easy to dispose of! If required, textile strapping gives the chance to re-tension it in order to reassemble the packaging. Therefore, it is ideal for anchoring machine tools and also for timber loads, rail and sea shipments. "Pressed bales" strapping is particularly interesting - petband® Bp is made of unidirectional polyester fibers aggregated with hot glue: specifically packaged for compacting presses, disposal of cartons, rags etc.

Typology of products:

  • petband® hot melt
  • petband® woven
  • petband® composite
  • petband® BP for pressed bales
  • petband® antistatic petband®
  • strapping kit: petband® kit
Fabric strapping is employed in almost all industry sectors, for this reason we are able to offer a wide range of applications.

petband® types

woven (PES) strapping
composite strapping
hot melt strapping
bale press strapping
antistatic textile strapping