space optimizing and goods protection

Today the most popular way of handling goods in the world is by container: about 80% of the products are marketed thanks to the modules designed by Malcolm McLean in the 1950s. The fixing and locking of goods in containers, guaranteed by petband® modular solutions, along with their correct distribution, allow stowed products to resist the transverse and longitudinal thrusts they are subjected by. Goods shipped via container also have high demage risk caused by air and hygroscopic packaging materials excessive moisture condensation, such as wood and cardboard. In some case the goods themselves (wheat, flour, wood, paper and natural products)release moisture which then falls on them in condensation form. Temperature changes (difference from day to night, for example) can trigger the so-called rain effect, which consists in the continuous evaporating and condensating of moisture inside the container. Petband® Container Bag guarantees an effective dehydrating action, prolonging it over time, covering the entire transport lasting, preventing the formation of humidity and the resulting rain effect.


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