Sea shipments

Goods protection for sea shipments

Petband® solutions, thanks to the unique combination between straps and their fastening buckles, are the best way of anchoring goods either in the hold or in the ships’ decks, preserving goods external integrity and avoiding slipping even in extreme conditions.
The wide range of solutions offered by petband® allows to customize your load’s protection, depending either by the weight and the type of the product, by the shipment lasting-time and by the combination of transportation it will be subjected by.

Crimp system is design  for anchoring and straightening coils, logs and cellulose in ULSM steel-strapped vessels. “We provide our know-how and special equipment to ensure tie particularly heavy loads”.

Benefits gained:
– about 45% saving-time of manual works and material costs compared to conventional rope using.
– easy use of the ULSM strapping with pneumatic tensioners and pliers
– maximum safety, top requirement for transport and handling of all goods.


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