products for the safe transport of goods

Company philosophy

Thanks to a 30-year experience, joint system has reached a qualified know how to solve every problem related to end-of-line packaging and product safety during transportation and handling. Joint System has specialized in design and manufacture of steel and plastic strapping systems, in authomatic and manual wrapping systems with stretch film and in the cargo protection for land, sea and air shipments.

Our consultants and specialists always care about the operator’s exigences and pursue the goal that has always driven our Company: the research and development of cutting-edge solutions to meet the Customers’ needs, who require innovative systems for the handling and safety of their products to face an ever-changing market.

The operator’s safety at all times is our leading thought: for this reason We have established several programs aimed at protecting every user by providing instruction manuals and our precious technicians with on-the-job training to define the most proper procedures of use.

The choice of our systems’ tools is driven by respecting the environment, therefore each product is designed to replace disproportionate uses of other maerials that have a harmful environmental impact.

Every Supplier of our productive and distributive chain must have the same purposes.

prodotti per il trasporto delle merci - petband®