composite strapping

composite strapping by petband® customizable with silk-screen printing!

composite strapping

composite strapping, by petband®, distinguishes for a very high tensile strength, high elasticity and a top-of-the-range breaking load of manual strapping systems. It ensures greater rigidity compared to hot melt and woven (pes) types thanks to the layer of plastic polymer which compacts all the fibers it is made of. The composite strapping was designed for fastening goods on a platform or inside containers; its application relates particurarly in the binding of steel beams, steel and plastic drums, coils on containers and aluminum blocks. Specifically, the composite strapping is made of unidirectional polyester fabric threads, aggregated in a plastic polymer matrix that increases its rigidity, favoring its binding around the pallets. Nowdays, it is known for representing the alternative to steel strapping, ropes and strappings for the the load safety during shipments.

General characteristics:

  • customizable by screen printing
  • Linear breaking load up to 1600 daN
  • does not rust or deteriorate
  • ensures high shock resistance
  • no risk of injury thanks to its features
  • light and easy to handle, it withstands the most extreme environmental conditions resistance
  • does not scratch or damage surfaces
  • approved by all European rail Companies.

Technical details


13 mm
16 mm
19 mm
25 mm
32 mm

breaking strength

13 mm -- 330 daN
16 mm -- 575 daN
19 mm -- 600 daN
25 mm -- 1000 daN
32 mm -- 1600 daN

internal Ø

13 mm -- 200 mm
16 mm -- 200 mm
19 mm -- 200 mm
25 mm -- 200 mm
32 mm -- 200 mm

meters per coil

13 mm -- 1100 m
16 mm -- 600 m
19 mm -- 600 m
25 mm -- 450 m
32 mm -- 400 m