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Dispensers for textile strapping

cord strap dispenser
dispencer for textile strapping dispencer for textile strapping are essential to facilitate the strapping process and also to ensure that the textile strapping is always in order. Fixed and mobile models are available with or without the compartment for inserting the strapping tool and the buckles. To complete the textile strapping system The user always has the complete strapping system in all areas of application. The sturdy construction guarantees a long life even in extreme conditions; the ergonomic design facilitates the position during the execution of the work and facilitates the change of the reel. produced in tubular steel, suitable for coils with internal diameter ø of 76 mm and 200 mm.
  • mod. - D 76 C and D 200 C fixed dispencer with storage compartment that can be easily moved manually. Suitable for rolls with internal diameter 76 mm (D 76 C) and 200 mm (D 200 C), they are equipped with a handle that allows the operator to lift them and then move them.
  • mod. - D 76 P and D 200 P can be easily moved thanks to the wheels they are equipped with. Produced on a sturdy tubular steel frame mounted on rubber wheels and complete with drawer for strapping tools and buckles; moreover, the petband® textile strap trolleys are equipped with a control brake for proper unwinding of the reel. These two models of textile strap trolley are suitable for handling reels with an internal diameter of 76 mm (D 76 P) and 200 mm (D 200 P).

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