static strapping dispenser

D 76 C and D 200 C examples

Static strapping dispenser 

Static textile strapping dispenser is essential either to ease strapping process and to ensure the tidyness of the textile strapping. Available with tool and buckles compartment and in two types: suitable for coils with a 76 mm-core (D 76 C example) and for 200 mm-core (D 200 C example).

For a fully-equipped textile strapping system  

The user has always the fully-equipped strapping system in all areas of application. The ergonomic design makes the position during the work and the changing of the coils much easier.


  • great handling
  • practical seal holder
  • cheap, versatile and lightweight,
  • combine for easy use and resistance to intense workloads.
  • ideal for medium-light applications
  • optimal performance with low-costs ensured.


Technical details


D 76 C and D 200 C

textile strapping size

from 10 mm up to 32 mm


1,3 kg (D 76 C) , 1,5 kg (D 200 C)

core Ø:

76 mm (D 76 C) , 200 mm (D 200 C)