cardboard corner cutter

practical and easy to use

cardboard corner cutter, T std example, portable

Bench portable lever cutter, suitable for cutting cardboard corner profiles. Equipped with an ergonomic and safety hook handle, for locking cutter when not in use, and with a small rear compartment (to store rulers, blades, markers, etc.) in order to have always a tidy workbench. Very easy to use: insert the corner portion wanted to cut into appropriate slot, lowering the lever for the blades cutting. Cardboard corner profile cutter is used for packing operations in order to cut cardboard corner profiles into smaller pieces, affixed on the boxes corners, before strapping, and on packed pallets to reinforce and protect them before wrapping with the stretched film.


  • proper for warehouse workers that need cardboard corners in different sizes
  • chance to re-use the angles received
  • imperfections and unnecessary waste avoided
  • reduction of storage costs for cardboard corners of different sizes

Technical details


530 x 210 x 350/830 (h) lever closed / fully open

lever length

500 mm

corner profile sizes (max)

wings 100 x 100 mm - thickness 10 mm


7,0 kg.


chopping board support base, spare blades, chopping board