drum brackets B A55 BP examples

to fix strapping position on slippery drum edges

Drum brackets for securing plastic drums on pallets: fitting perfectly to the drum edges performomg either as a guide and support for any type of strapping for anchoring to pallets. They prevent strap from slipping on the drum edge, due to stress, ensuring a stable and lasting tension. Thanks to its central part stiffness, they allow greater strapping stability during tensioning.


B A55 BP, designed for plastic drums and with removable lid.


They work indifferently with petband® textile, steel and polyester strapping and also with lashing belts. Their particular structure in PP ensures strength and resistance to most chemical, caustic and acid solvents

Technical details

strapping type

petband® textile, steel, polyester and load securing straps


PP, polypropylene

agent resistance

part of chemical, caustic and acid solvents.



useful width

up to 55 mm