textile strapping manual tool PB 100 GH

high quality, minimum maintenance!

textile strapping manual tool PB 100 GH

textile strapping manual tool  for textile strapping up to 25 mm (all types) petband® PB 100 GH represents the basic equipment for woven polyester strapping system. It is particularly suitable for those applications where there is no access to compressed air sources or where it is not required a type of speed typical of pneumatic devices.


Our textile strapping manual tool PB 100 GH for petband® textile strapping allows to uniform woven strapping tension by locking the goods in a simple, functional, fast and ergonomic way.

  • manual tensioner for textile strap up to 25 mm (all types)
  • very sturd design for a professional application
  • great handling thanks to its low weight: just 1.8 kg
  • optimal tensioning thanks to its accessories (spout), even for round or irregular necks


Technical details


PB 100 GH

type of packaging

all types




1,8 kg

petband® type

PES, hot melt and composite strapping


from 10 mm up to 25 mm