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petband® tensioners

petband® textile strapping tensioners are available in two different types:
  • manual
  • pneumatic
Both are light-weighted tools, allowing to work either in vertical and horizontal applications ensuring high tensioning force strapping with simple efforts. The "spout", a special component screwed onto the front of the tensioner, ensures closure even on limited support surfaces like small packs of pipes.
  • long-lasting over time
  • low initial outlay
  • ergonomic design
  • easy to use
Pass the strapping around the good inserting its two ends into the buckle and place one of them in the manual tensioner. The lower part is locked by bringing it under the brake foot while the second one is passed inside the shear and brought up to the tensioning roller. As strapping tension increases, buckles tightens on it keeping the tension. Once the required tension has been achieved, the tensioner automatically cuts the strap using the supplied shears.

textile strapping tensioners for a professional strapping!

manual tensioner