PB 114 GHP textile strapping pneumatic tensioner

suitable for all textile strapping types up to 32 mm. High performance!

pneumatic tensioner for textile strapping


PB 114 GHP textile strapping pneumatic tensioner helps tensioning and closing, reducing any worker effort. It improves strapping efficiency by ensuring a uniform tensioning. PB 114 GHP textile strapping pneumatic tensioner is a light tool with simple operation, suitable either for vertical and horizontal applications. It ensures high tension force. The “beak” tensioner allows
the closure even on limited support surfaces.


Very sturdy design for a professional application. It’s low-weighted, just 3.8 kg, allowing great handling. Consistent tensioning, with a predetermined working pressure at a maximum of 7,500 N. Its modular design ensures an easy maintenance; made in Europe.

Technical details


PB 114 GHP

typology of packaging

all types




3,8 kg

petband® types

woven (Pes), hot melt, composite, antistatic strapping


from 10 mm up to 32 mm